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A full service, digital marketing agency based in the West Midlands with a focus on technical delivery and future growth.

How are we different?
We come from a technical digital background, we merge the worlds between marketing theory and technical ability. Our project managers work with Digital Marketing developers, these guys know the theory and how to build it.

We believe in Karma, do a great job, delight clients: be rewarded with more work and recommendations.

We have the ability to talk the talk, walk the walk and then we show you how do it yourself!

Every project we work on starts with the goal. We then work backwards towards the solution rather than the other way round.

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why use BOom?

Why choose boom?

Combined experience: 30 years

Agile, JFDI attitude and approach

Strategy, plan, action, refine.

What we do


Boom offer a wide range of services, and love a juicy challenge. If you need a service that isn't listed below; give us a shout and let's see what's possible!

Digital Services


  • Flat info websites / brochure sites
  • Content managed websites
  • Ecommerce site design
  • Digital assets - PDF, presentation, video
Marketing Services


  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Content
  • Ads
  • Landing pages
Marketing Services


  • Business Stationary
  • Flyers
  • Packaging and labels
Marketing Services


  • SEO - Search
  • CMO - Content marketing optimisation
  • CRO - Conversion rate optimization
  • Paid advertising
Marketing Services


  • Ecommerce design
  • Setup (Payment,shipping, product)
  • Data migration
  • Custom development
Marketing Services


  • Digital market fit
  • Digital planning
  • Campaign/promotion planning

How we work:

  • 1:
    Review We review your current business to get a really good feel for where we can assist you.
  • 2:
    Strategic Planning Next we start research and plan exactly where we can help from start to finish.
  • 3:
    Prioritize (with you) We look through your plan and work together to prioritize where you want to begin and what budget you want to spend
  • 4:
    Tracking & KPI's The first step in every project is to identify key metrics and ensure adequate tracking is in place to prove ROI
  • 5:
    Action We begin the work, from day 1 we provide transparent project management updates right through to completion
  • 6:
    Refine & Improve We don't believe a project is ever "done" There are always opportunities to test, measure and improve

Previous work

why use BOom?

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